Cambridge half marathon

I signed up for the Cambridge half in November, aiming to train really hard and try to finally go under 90 minutes. But then in December I damaged my ankle, which prevented me from running for over two months. So I wasn’t going to run in the race at all, thinking I wouldn’t be fit enough. But seeing the race village all set up on Saturday as I walked home from the shops, it felt like a shame not to be joining in. So I went to bed early, had a big bowl of porridge in the morning, and went down to the start line with the intention to just run without thinking about the time and to stop if I couldn’t do it.

But it the end it was fine. The first five miles or so were miserable in the wind and rain, but the weather brightened around about the time I was passing through Grantchester. My legs were pretty sore towards the end, but they weren’t as bad as expected and I was able to maintain a relatively slow, but steady, pace and got around in 1:41:something. A long way from my best, but not my worst time ever either.

Afterwards I came home and had a bath, a fried lunch, and spent the afternoon drinking coffee and reading about Vikings.

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