Slam the book shut.

Hi folks, I’m going to retire this blog in two weeks time. I started writing it because I wanted to practice writing regularly and to get over my fear of ‘publishing’ things, things that might not be good, even if I didn’t seriously believe anyone would read them. I had ideas I wanted to convey and if I had to risk embarrassment and writing them out poorly then I would just have to put up with that. It has been nice to have a (very) few people read it and be kind enough to tell me the things they liked.

I’ve noticed recently that the project has worked, a bit. I do write more regularly now. I’m less self-conscious that what I write mostly sucks. I even think I’ve gotten a bit better. But its served its purpose. Now when I write something I edit it just enough to not hate it (immediately anyway) and hit ‘publish’—it’s just a blog, it doesn’t matter! I want to write better, more interesting things and to do that I need to be more selective: to think harder, edit better and delete or abandon more.

The blog feels like it’s hanging around my neck a bit stopping me from moving on to other things. So it has to go for now. I might revisit a few of the better things I’ve written here and polish them up a bit to put on my ‘home’ website. I’ll keep a hidden archive all the posts there too (link) for the real tom h heads.

I don’t know what I’m going to do yet but I have a couple of projects I’d like to investigate. If they work out I’ll publicise them on Twitter and Mastodon. If not, I’ll have tried. I doubt this will be my last blog.

Thanks for reading folks.

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