Race reports for Spring 2016

Here’s a report on some races I took part in this Spring: the Eastleigh 10k on March 20th, the Pen Selwood Tough 10k a fortnight later, the Southampton half marathon on April 24th, and the Endure 24 hour relay on the 11th—12th of June.

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Dr Harris

A quick note to say that I am now a doctor (and have been since 3pm-ish on Wednesday 9 September). You can read my thesis here. The examiners were Marco Schlichting from Warwick and Peter Kropholler from Southampton. The viva lasted about an hour and a half and I was given no official corrections (though there were a few typos to fix). In the evening we had dinner in a Thai restaurant, then went to the Butcher’s Hook for some celebratory beers. It’s weird being a doctor. I thought I’d feel cleverer by now.

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Groups, representations, and cohomology on Skye

A couple of weeks ago I attended a summer school on the Isle of Skye, organised by the Anglo-Franco-German representation theory network. The aim of the school was to understand the following theorem of Benson, Carlson, and Rickard: that thick tensor ideals of the stable module category of a finite group are classified by the specialisation closed subsets of the projective variety associated with the cohomology ring of the group. In particular we studied a new proof of this theorem due to Carlson and Iyengar.

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Southampton half marathon

Last weekend I ran in the first Southampton half marathon. I was pretty nervous about it, because I got an injury in February and wasn’t able to do as much training as I would have liked. Also, I passed out about 300m before the finish line of the previous half marathon I raced in.

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Walking in the Lake District

Last week I was on holiday with Ana, and Dave and Lotta, walking in the Lake District. After packing all my waterproofs and preparing myself for the worst, the weather turned out gorgeous; six days without rain in the Lakes strikes me as a minor miracle.

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