Mike Cernovich and Achilles

I’ve noticed two or three times now, in my reading around the alt-right, some variation on:

He [Cernovich] is a genius at social media

perhaps offered up by the writer as a gesture towards even-handedness, surely a difficult impression to give when your subjects are so relentlessly awful.

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Speaking of poetry

I was good at poetry in school. Which means I was good at listening to what the teacher told us the themes of the poem were and searching the text for similes and metaphors that evidenced those themes. It wasn’t that my classmates and I didn’t enjoy reading poems: it’s that the idea of a poem as something one could enjoy didn’t occur to us. We weren’t aware it was a possibility the way it was for stories.

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Books 2017

I’m a bit late with the books round-up this year. I read 40 books in 2017—notes on some of my favourites below. Full list here if you’re interested; feel free to ask me about any of them.

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Hiking in South Iceland

Laugavegur, Þórsmörk, and Fimmvörðuháls

Warning: Very long and edited even less than usual. Skip this one if you’re not interested in hiking; there’s nothing else going on here.

After travelling to Reykjavík for work and a little bit of tourism this June, I spent the better part of a week hiking in Iceland’s southern highlands. I have some mountain walking experience (solo and in small groups), but this was the first big trip I’ve done on my own. The short version of this post is: it went really well, I had a great time.

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