Snowdonia walking, October 2017

Browsing through some old notebooks last night I found my notes from the solo walking trip I took to Snowdonia last October. I fell into a mental health hole shortly afterwards —probably spending a week alone with no connection to the outside world didn’t slow the fall—and didn’t do get around to writing up the trip.

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Some things I’ve enjoyed recently.

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Last week I found myself hoping, for the first time in my life, that the snow would go away. For Sunday was the Cambridge half marathon and since coming back from a period of illness over Christmas I’ve been training hard to maybe this time, finally, go below 90 minutes. I was quite confident I’d be able to do it: two weekends ago I went out and ran 15km at an average of 4:07/km, which left room to go slower and still come in below an hour and a half if I could keep it up. In fact, it raised the tantalising possibility of beating my friend and rival Dave’s all-time best of 88 minutes.

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