Hiking in South Iceland

Laugavegur, Þórsmörk, and Fimmvörðuháls

Warning: Very long and edited even less than usual. Skip this one if you’re not interested in hiking; there’s nothing else going on here.

After travelling to Reykjavík for work and a little bit of tourism this June, I spent the better part of a week hiking in Iceland’s southern highlands. I have some mountain walking experience (solo and in small groups), but this was the first big trip I’ve done on my own. The short version of this post is: it went really well, I had a great time.

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It was my birthday on Friday, so I took the day off of work and headed to London for the Natural History Museum’s Whales: Beneath the Surface exhibition (open until February 2018). It’s a nice show, although rather smaller than I expected: £14 admission seems a bit steep in retrospect.

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As I noted before, I’ve been quite lucky to be sent to interesting places for work this Summer. I went to Stockholm in the middle of August for a couple of days to attend the Logic Colloquium (good poster, no?). Unlike my trip to Iceland I didn’t really make a proper holiday of it—Stockholm isn’t as expensive as Iceland, but it’s still a Nordic and my meagre bank balance won’t stretch to two of those in one year. But I did stay an extra night and day after the conference to do just a couple tourist things.

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A shibboleth for idiots

(Prompted by the following extremely insightful comment on the Guardian website: “Corybn who is the Tories’ poodle on Brexshit. Yeah, he’s great.”)

Like a lot of people (I suspect), I have a very hard time getting my own beliefs about speech norms on the internet in order. Whenever I have pinned down a behaviour that I think is always bad, somebody else can come up with a persuasive argument that in this case it is not only acceptable but right. On the whole I’m in favour of civility, but there’s no denying that incivility can be effective and is sometimes justified.

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