The state of the federation

Edit 2017-04-09: Much of the below is now redundant. Eugen closed registrations for the main instance when it got to around 40,000 users. That forced people to join other instances and the network is beginning to look more healthy: there are currently some 120,000 users.

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Cambridge half marathon

I signed up for the Cambridge half in November, aiming to train really hard and try to finally go under 90 minutes. But then in December I damaged my ankle, which prevented me from running for over two months. So I wasn’t going to run in the race at all, thinking I wouldn’t be fit enough. But seeing the race village all set up on Saturday as I walked home from the shops, it felt like a shame not to be joining in. So I went to bed early, had a big bowl of porridge in the morning, and went down to the start line with the intention to just run without thinking about the time and to stop if I couldn’t do it.

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Orkneyinga Saga

I bought the Penguin Classics edition of Orkneyinga Saga a couple of years ago at the big Vikings exhibition at the the British Museum, but have only just gotten around to reading it. The exhibition itself was pretty mediocre, but it had a fantastic gift shop: drinking horns, Hnefatafl sets, and lots of obscure books.

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The Hague

I spent last week traveling around the Netherlands for work, staying in Amsterdam and going out by train to the university towns (Eindhoven, Utrecht, Leiden). I stayed for a weekend break, and since I’d been to Amsterdam before and done a lot of the tourist things, I went instead to the Hague.

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Since the RSS feed for this blog now has two followers, I’m going to try to write things here more often. Unfortunately I haven’t done much of interest recently, so you’re going to get some rambling and a link to a very long essay.1

  1. Long by some people’s standards I guess. Here’s a niche joke that I thought up but have no use for:
    Slate Star Codex: I didn’t have time to write a short blogpost so I wrote a long one instead. ↩︎

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