Since the RSS feed for this blog now has two followers, I’m going to try to write things here more often. Unfortunately I haven’t done much of interest recently, so you’re going to get some rambling and a link to a very long essay.1

  1. Long by some people’s standards I guess. Here’s a niche joke that I thought up but have no use for:
    Slate Star Codex: I didn’t have time to write a short blogpost so I wrote a long one instead. ↩︎

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I went to see the Trainspotting sequel this week. This isn’t going to be a proper film review, because T2: Trainspotting isn’t that interesting in itself. What I mainly want to talk about is how it stands in relation to the original. But if you just want to know if T2 is any good: it’s a competent and engaging piece of cinema. I wasn’t lifted to transcendence, but nor did I feel robbed of my £10 and 2 hours.

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Books 2016

I set myself two goals for 2016 and I failed at both. The first was to run 1000km over the course of the year. At the beginning of December I was well ahead of target at 985km, but then I fell off a climbing wall and badly sprained my ankle, so I finished the year at 985km as well.

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Salisbury half marathon

Yesterday I raced in the Salisbury half marathon, which I’ve been training for for the last three months. I lost my GPS watch while traveling to Salisbury, so I had to make do with a stopwatch and the mile markers to gague my pace. I finished in 39th place, in a time of 1:30:10. I’m a bit disappointed to have missed going under 90 minutes by so little, but since my previous best was over four minutes slower I’m pretty happy.

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