Orkneyinga Saga

I bought the Penguin Classics edition of Orkneyinga Saga a couple of years ago at the big Vikings exhibition at the the British Museum, but have only just gotten around to reading it. The exhibition itself was pretty mediocre, but it had a fantastic gift shop: drinking horns, Hnefatafl sets, and lots of obscure books.

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The Hague

I spent last week traveling around the Netherlands for work, staying in Amsterdam and going out by train to the university towns (Eindhoven, Utrecht, Leiden). I stayed for a weekend break, and since I’d been to Amsterdam before and done a lot of the tourist things, I went instead to the Hague.

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Since the RSS feed for this blog now has two followers, I’m going to try to write things here more often. Unfortunately I haven’t done much of interest recently, so you’re going to get some rambling and a link to a very long essay.1

  1. Long by some people’s standards I guess. Here’s a niche joke that I thought up but have no use for:
    Slate Star Codex: I didn’t have time to write a short blogpost so I wrote a long one instead. ↩︎

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I went to see the Trainspotting sequel this week. This isn’t going to be a proper film review, because T2: Trainspotting isn’t that interesting in itself. What I mainly want to talk about is how it stands in relation to the original. But if you just want to know if T2 is any good: it’s a competent and engaging piece of cinema. I wasn’t lifted to transcendence, but nor did I feel robbed of my £10 and 2 hours.

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Books 2016

I set myself two goals for 2016 and I failed at both. The first was to run 1000km over the course of the year. At the beginning of December I was well ahead of target at 985km, but then I fell off a climbing wall and badly sprained my ankle, so I finished the year at 985km as well.

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